Turun Harga : Kamen Rider dan Power Ranger Weapon:11 September 2013

1. Candy Toys
Gokaiger Grey Transformation Phone Bandai

2. Candy Toys
Power Ranger Megaforce
-Blue :55k
Take All :90k

3. Kamen Rider Cho Bike Mountain
Joker Series Bandai
Price :120k2

4. Kamen Rider Cho Bike Mountain
Den-o Series Bandai
Price :120k3

5. Candy Toys   (SOLD)
Shinken Grey Ranger Sword Bandai

6. Candy Toys (SOLD)
Shinken Red Sword Bandai
Price :(SOLD)6

7. Kiva Ultimate Sword (rare) , on lamp. Bandai
Price : SOLD


8. Kamen Rider Cho Bike Mountain
Den-o ,Joker and Decade Series Bandai
Take All, Price :330k

9.  Kamen Rider Cho Bike Mountain
Decade series Bandai
Price :120k4

10.  Decade and Motorcycle Bandai

11.  Megaforce red kit Bandai (SOLD)
Price :(SOLD)12

12. Kamen Rider Bandai

Price:45k13 13.  Kamen Rider Amazon Bandai
Price: SOLD


14. Candy Toys
Shinken Grey Transformation Phone

815. Candy Toys
Gokaiger Blue and boat
Price :100k


Jika minat?

hubungi 089678526342.

makasi 🙂

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